It's been a bit more than a month since Grrr was diagnosed, and I'm happy to 
report that he is acting like his old self- his energy level is impressive, 
he's not displaying any neuro issues, and is getting around MUCH better.  We've 
been giving him DMG liquid on his food- don't know if it's helping, but it sure 
isn't hurting!  My biggest concern right now is his weight- I think he's 
actually lost a bit more, and he is borderline emaciated at this point.  He 
doesn't need to be fat, but I've got to get some meat back on him.  We've been 
feeding all three wellness dry daily, with canned on top about 3x a week.  
Would switching to canned exclusively put weight on him?  How about switching 
to core dry?  I'm not sure how to get weight on him without pumping up my other 
two like stay-puft marshmallow kitties- they're already a bit on the rotund 
side, and we don't really have a way to separate them for feeding.  They tend 
to leave each other's bowls alone so long as everyone gets basically the same 
thing.  Any ideas? Amy
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