Thanks Jenny! The babies were born on Easter (5 of them). The only symptoms
the mama has are: she is hoarse when she purrs and she sounds like she is
swallowing mucous sometimes. Foster mom started L Lysine on Monday. She is
keeping a close eye (she had a mama and litter last summer for whom she had
to syringe feed because of severe URI). Fortunately she is a nurse. Btw
these are cats that come into a no kill shelter ready to deliver. My friend
takes about one mom each year and finds homes for everyone, too. She is a
angel! I will share your email with her. Thank-you!

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URIs in a mother can certainly be transmitted to the kittens after birth.
It depends on the phase of infection the mother is in.  If she is infectious
when the kittens are born, certainly transmission is possible.  If the
infection is resolving, she will be less likely to transmit disease and will
often have a good immune response that will be conferred to the young
through her breast milk.

With respect to the URI being transmitted prior to birth.  This is
unlikely.  URIs are generally passed from one cat to another through either
inhalation or direct contact.  Therefore, the young will not be born with
URIs.  (It could, however, be transmitted this way after birth as mother and
young are in very close contact)  The concern that I would have, however, is
if the mother has a systemic infection (involving the blood stream) that
could be transmitted to the young while in utero.  If it clinically just
looks like a URI (runny nose, sneeze, cough, runny eyes, pussy or purulent
discharge) I would be less concerned,  If, on the other hand, she has a high
fever, is lethargic and not eating, I would be more concerned.

Either way, I would recommend treating the mom with something that can be
safely used during pregnancy.

Good luck.

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> A friend just took in a pregnant cat yesterday (she was taken to a no kill
> shelter this week). She thinks the cat might deliver today.
> She thinks she might have an URI. Does anyone know if the kittens will
> or contract the URI?
> Thanks,
> Laurie
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