Giselle, I am so very sad to hear that you lost your baby....yes, the pain is 
unbearable at first...but you did the right thing for sought the 
best care, you made the hard will one day be able to look back 
and remember her with a smile....but for now, we greive with you.  I will light 
a candle for herl.

Debbie (COL)
"The time is always right to do what is right" -  Martin Luther King

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> Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 16:43:21 +0000
> Subject: [Felvtalk] Pixie is a fluffy orange angel
> It is with profound sadness that I share that my sweet baby Pixie 
> Katzenellenbogan passed away yesterday evening. She was euthanized by a 
> gentle and sympathetic vet while I stroked and talked to her. I told her she 
> was deeply
> loved.
> Yesterday I got second and third opinions from vets I felt were genuinely 
> interested in Pixie (unlike the apathetic first vet) and it was terrible news 
> all around (see the bloodwork analysis below). In the last two days she 
> deteriorated quickly before my eyes despite the regimen of
> syringe-administered diluted wet food prescribed by the vet. Her breathing 
> had become increasingly fast and
> shallow (a vet explained she was gasping for oxygen due to the anemia). She 
> was crying out in
> pain, even while lying still, too weak to stand up or walk, and staring 
> blankly. It was heartbreaking to
> see her suffering. Things she once enjoyed held no interest (favorite stinky 
> foods, lying in a sunbeam, toys, going out in the yard, being brushed). 
> I emailed the lab results from Pixie's bloodwork to a friend who's a vet in 
> Canada and her analysis was: "There are a couple of things on her bloodwork 
> that are alarming. 
> First of all, she is very anemic (ie very low red blood cell count). In 
> conjunction
> with what's going on with her high white blood cell count and platelets 
> though,
> I'm less concerned about the anemia itself and more concerned about an
> actual leukemia (ie cancer). Her red blood cells and platelets are both very 
> low
> which indicates that the bone marrow is likely diseased and not
> producing them properly. On top of that, according to the written
> interpretation at the bottom, the red blood cells and platelets that do
> exist are all showing signs of immaturity- this means that they are not
> sticking around in the bone marrow long enough to mature completely
> because something (ie the leukemia that is pumping out cells) is taking
> up space in the bone marrow. Besides the changes in her CBC, some other 
> parameters also point
> towards this diagnosis: her calcium level is elevated which is often
> seen in association with cancer and her CPK is high which might
> indicate muscle wasting. Muscle wasting is often also seen with
> cancer."
> I thought yesterday was hard (choosing to end Pixie's suffering & helping her 
> cross over) but today is even worse. Waking up with
> no Pixie at the foot of the bed, no Pixie meowing for her tuna, no
> Pixie
> scampering down the stairs. Seeing her things everywhere -- food
> bowls, toys, blankets, cat grass, scratching mats, the armchair she shredded, 
> a brush full of orange
> fur -- is devastating. HOW can I possibly live here without her?
> Pixie was born in South Philadelphia in spring 2005, rescued from the
> streets during a snowstorm in February 2006, and came into my life in
> March 2006. She was a feisty little champ like Rocky. Pixie became a
> Dutch cat in August 2006 when we moved to the Netherlands (her
> permanent & final home), flying Northwest so I could bring her in
> the cabin, tucking her carrier under the seat in front of me, and carrying a
> pop-up make-shift litterbox, food, water, vet documents, and Rescue
> Remedy. 
> She was the perfect companion.
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