Very well said!
I shed tears when I hear of another loss to this damn disease!
If I haven't said once I've said it many times over the years when the cure 
 comes I will eat cheesecake as a celebration. (I can't stand  cheesecake)  
  Many of you oldies know this!
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I am so sorry to hear you've lost your beloved Pixie. You  must be 
devastated. Most of us on this list all too sadly have a good idea of  what you 
going through now. Please know that we share your sorrow and are  crying 
with you. We on this list are like one big family and we all feel the  loss of 
one of our babies to this dreadful disease.
I'm glad that Pixie had  such a wonderful mom and that she knew what it was 
to be loved and cared for,  and glad too that she was able to wait until 
you arrived home despite the  severity of her symptoms, and that you were able 
to find a gentle and  sympathetic vet to help her pass.  In my experience 
all of these make a  big difference in dealing with the pain of the loss of 
our dear little fur  babies. 
I hope the happy memories of sweet Pixie will eventually ease your  sorrow.
Big hugs, 

Sultan/Startup, WA.
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Terrie Mohr-Forker
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