Jody, I am so sorry Darcy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We do what we can.  
Unfortunately when their time comes there just isn't much that ca be done. You 
loved and cared for her.  Thats all anyone could do.

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> Date: Monday, June 1, 2009, 3:32 PM
> Thank you all for the words of support. Sweet Darcy went
> downhill so fast, becoming unable to walk. I drove to an
> emergency clinic where they did their best for her through
> theĀ  weekend. 
> Yesterday we helped her to the Bridge, knowing there was
> just no more anyone could do. Her FeLv wouldn't let her
> fight off the ravages of whatever attacked her - probably a
> cancer that centered in her nervous system. 
> We miss her dreadfully but know she had a good life with
> us, short though it was. She was much loved. 
> Jody
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