My FeLV+ 5-year-old (or so) kitty died suddenly over the weekend and I was 
wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences or heard of any with 
otherwise (seemingly) healthy leuk-positive cats. He seemed fine, thriving in 
fact: plump, nice coat, good appetite, good stool, active, affectionate. I 
found him curled up as if he were sleeping comfortably but he was gone. 
Thinking back, he may have seemed slightly lethargic for a day or two 
beforehand, but not enough to warrant any concern at the time on my part. Does 
anyone know if this happens -- a heart thing? Stroke? Needless to say, the only 
other FeLV+ cat in the household (they were sequestered together) seems kinda 
lost, and I am a bit worried that he will be affected physically. 

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