Susan, I'm so sorry for your loss.  What was your baby's name?  As others
have said, it sounds like he went peacefully and that is great.  Gentle
Bridge vibes to him.

Everybody has different circumstances, but is there any way you could
integrate your other FeLV+ baby into the household?  Many people on this
list have mixed their positive and negative kitties with no ill effects to
either.  That's a thing that some people are comfortable with and some
aren't, but it's something to think about and research.  The files of this
website are an excellent source.

Diane R. 

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My FeLV+ 5-year-old (or so) kitty died suddenly over the weekend and I was
wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences or heard of any with
otherwise (seemingly) healthy leuk-positive cats. He seemed fine, thriving
in fact: plump, nice coat, good appetite, good stool, active, affectionate.
I found him curled up as if he were sleeping comfortably but he was gone.
Thinking back, he may have seemed slightly lethargic for a day or two
beforehand, but not enough to warrant any concern at the time on my part.
Does anyone know if this happens -- a heart thing? Stroke? Needless to say,
the only other FeLV+ cat in the household (they were sequestered together)
seems kinda lost, and I am a bit worried that he will be affected

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