First, can I say how annoyed I am with the neighbors?  I don't know if yall
remember, but Jack was the neighbor's tomcat we got neutered that was
pos/pos for FELV and FIV.  I try so hard to be charitable with people, and
am usually successful, and this person is in a wheelchair, but apparently
they saw Jack out in the yard not moving (but still alive) and brought him
in and put him on the back porch and he was there 3 days before he died.
 They didn't call me for assistance, or anything, I would have taken him to
the vet and put it on our burgeoning credit card bill.  Now they have new
kittens which we will have to take to get altered also, or it won't get
done...and she took a dog to the pound to be killed because he bit someone -
now she wants an Irish Setter puppy..sigh.   We have it in our code of
ethics that people are animals too, and should be treated well..but
sometimes it is just hard.
Anyway, please add Jack to the CLS...may he have a better life over the
bridge than he did here, and may he forgive me for not doing anything to
help him, I would have done so if I had known.


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