The virus doesn't live long outside the body, so I never worry about whether the virus will be in at carriers, scratching posts, etc.

Best of luck to you ,


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Hello everyone,
After many years of rescuing positives, we have been a "catless" home for a few months and have made a difficult decision to adopt a healthy cat. Can anyone help with decisions on what should stay and what shouldn't? For example, scratching posts, cat carriers. I know there are many different opinions on how long the virus lasts, how well disinfectant work, etc. I would greatly appreciate any help!
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was just on one of my bead websites and someone had asked what colors of Swarovski crystals to use to represent the different cancers (awareness ribbons). i checked it out from curosity and found that the orange ribbon 2 or 3 cancers plus CAT SPAYING AND NEUTERING. we have a ribbon to put on our cars for our furbabies. dorlis

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