my vet said the virus dies when it is dry.  just to be sure, wash down with 
clorox.  maybe not the scratching posts since they are usually not washable.  
wash everything down with cclorox and set out in the sun to dry.  
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> Hello everyone,
> After many years of rescuing positives, we have been a "catless" home for a 
> few months and have made a difficult decision to adopt a healthy cat. Can 
> anyone help with decisions on what should stay and what shouldn't? For 
> example, scratching posts, cat carriers. I know there are many different 
> opinions on how long the virus lasts, how well disinfectant  work, etc. I 
> would greatly appreciate any help!
> Thanks!
> Heidi
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> was just on one of my bead websites and someone had asked what colors of 
> Swarovski crystals to use to represent the different cancers (awareness 
> ribbons).  i checked it out from curosity and found that the orange ribbon 2 
> or 3 cancers plus CAT SPAYING AND NEUTERING.  we have a ribbon to put on our 
> cars for our furbabies.  dorlis
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