I don't think your vet is very good, yellow is a sure sign of liver failure and it doesn't happen overnight. Blood tests should have shown there was a problem and if your vet didn't mention it I'd run to find another vet.

If Maverick wasn't eating well he probably developed hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease, this can happen after only a day or two of an cat not eating enough. Even if a cat is eating but very little this can happen, this is curable by syringe feeding or a feeding tube, in other words food is the cure, no cat should die from this. Too many vets don't pay attention when we tell them our cats aren't eating very much or at all, this should be a huge red flag to any vet to investigate further but so few do.

I am writing this email because too few people understand just how deadly it is for a cat to go without food, it can kill them quickly. That on top of the anemia was just too much for Maverick's compromised body to deal with. Any vet who doesn't make a point of letting a client know they need to get food into a cat that isn't eating enough isn't worth anything in my book.

Please, please people, if your cat is not eating, syringe feed, spoon feed, put food on your finger and put it in their mouths, get a feeding tube put in ... fatty liver disease is almost always curable even when a cat looks like it is on deaths door, food, enough food will almost always bring the cat back ....

Many people think when a cat is sick and stops eating it is letting you know it is ready to die, this is not always the case, think about it, when you are feeling very sick do you feel like eating, I know I don't. And with a cat, they feel sick, they don't eat, they don't eat, they get weaker and feel sicker, they feel sicker, of course they aren't going to eat. This cycle is going to obviously kill the cat if there is no intervention. I will never understand why this is so hard to fathom.

All that said this is my own personal opinion and up front I am one of those people who will go to extreme measures to try and save my furkids, in some peoples minds maybe too far, but that is how I am and would want the same for myself ... I have seen enough miracles happen when I have been told my furkids aren't going to make it and I wouldn't give up and they lived years longer ... that is why I have to keep trying. I know not everyone is of the same mind and that is fine because we all have our beliefs but when I see animals miss a chance because of a vet that isn't very knowledgeable about something it just kills me.

I sorry for your loss Amy, Maverick is in a better place now.  Take care ...

PS. I'm mad at the lack of care Maverick received from the "professionals" not at anything you did, just wanted to make that clear.


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