Kelly,  I'm alsp very concerned about this cat. She should have
gotten her meds right away, and I also believe a vet who has been
practicing for that long may not be up on current treatments.  All
physicians and vets have to continue to read, and learn about new
treatments for as long as they are in practice.  Some do and others
don't. They just stick with whatever they learned in vet school or
med school.


On 06-22, Sharyl wrote:
> Kelly, I know you are waiting to hear from your primary vet but the
> longer the kitty goes without meds the less chance she will ever
> regain any of her sight.  To be honest it may be to late to save
> her sight but the high BP needs to be addressed before any other
> damage occurs.
> Here is a link to some general info on high BP.
> There is a Yahoo heart group that has may be able to help with the meds and 
> dose amounts.
> You should be able to purchase the meds at your local pharmacy with
> a Rx from a vet.  Usually the 1st choice for cats is Amlodipine for
> high BP.
> A vet who has been practicing for over 40 yrs may not be current on
> what is now available for special needs kitty.  If possible she
> needs to be seen by a specialist.
> Hugs to her.
> Sharyl   

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