Thanks for explaining, but the vet is sure taking his/her time. Hope Tiffany's 
health can wait. I love special needs kitties (have 13 myself) and my vet is on 
the ball within hours. For me, meds refills/prescriptions are administered 
within same day as seen. The most I have ever had to wait for meds was 24 
hours. I guess some are just not as fortunate. It just bleeds my heart to hear 
of such things. Does she act comfortable? 

--- On Sun, 6/21/09, Kelley Saveika <> wrote:

Hi Lora,

The holdup is that we are waiting for the vet to prescribe the medication.
None of us can prescribe it ourselves.  He does not carry that medication
in stock either, so we will need to get the prescription filled once we have it 
(I hope Monday) which won't be a problem, but we do need
to have the prescription first.

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 2:31 PM, Lora <> wrote:


Tiffany has been in your organization's care since (at least) last
Wednesday 06-17-09 and she still is not receiving her medical regime for
high pressure? That is almost a week. What is the holdup?

Five days without her proper medicine cannot be good. The longer the wait
for medical care, the more likely that the damage done (besides being blind) is 
permanent. Can't cats with untreated high blood pressure die from



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