Hi there,
I'm new to this... looking for some advice. I took in a stray, she's
about  7 months old. She tested positive for FeLV. I didn't know she
had FeLV. I took her in as she was hanging out on the patio of a
restaurant, near a busy street. The owners of the restaurant were
going to take her to the humane society.
 I already have a cat, who is not FeLV positive. The stray is with me
while  I try to re-home her, and my cat is with a friend.
In an ideal world, I would like to keep the stray (Penny) and have her
and my cat.
 Is this possible? Should I have Penny re-tested with a DNA test to
make sure she does have FeLV?
My cat (Stella) is an indoor cat, 7 years old. and has had all of her
shots every year except for the last year.
Is there any way they can live together with Penny being FeLV positive?
any insight or links to relevant websites/postings would be greatly appreciated!
thank you.

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