After reading a number of papers, especially those by the research team of team 
of Dr. Robert Good, I decided for the following protocol:
Staphylococcus Protein A (10 μg/kg twice per week for up to ten weeks),  that 
is the same given in the ABCD guidelines on Feline Leukaemia Virus:
1 mg of Protein A is diluted in 100 ml of saline solution. The resulting 
solution (stored at the freezer in 5ml aliquots) is injected IP (at a dosage of 
1 ml per Kg).
see also 

We cannot forget that this is a vastly investigated area, mainly due to 
implications of FeLV as a model to the research on human acquired 
immunodeficiency syndrome. Therefore, one may simply assume that after many 
years, a great discovery would have already happened if SPA therapy really 
holds any effect. The hopeful cases of FeLV remission reported in those papers 
may be due to other factors unsuspected at that time (for example, we now known 
that the different retroviral lineages lead to different outcomes of the 
I don't believe a true remission can be achieved with SPA.  I just think that 
the early finds derived from complex experiments (Liu et al.1984, Proc Natl 
Acad Sci U S A. 81:3516-3520 and  81:6471-6475; Engelman et al.1987, Cancer 
Detect Prev. 10:435-444; Snyder et al.1989 Semin Hematol. 26:25-30) could be 
readly disproved by a the simple controlled trial conduced latter by others. 
Even this latter one (McCaw et al.2001, J Am Anim Hosp Assoc. 37:356-363) 
concludes that "No significant differences in health status were seen in cats 
treated with protein A and/or Interferon alpha, but therapy with protein A 
results in the owners' subjective impression of improved health of their 
FeLV-infected cats".

Subjective or not, I have the same impression: one of my cats, Pupa, initiated 
SPA therapy in the begganing of 2007, after a lymph node lymphoma has been 
diagnosed. Soon she recovers humor, appetite, and weight, the blood values 
turns normal and she achieves tumor remission for several weeks during SPA 
treatment; but the tumor returns latter and Pupa died in the end of the year, 
after the fourth session of a combined chemotherapy protocol (apparently due to 
the chemo side effects). Jorge, the survivor, is in a much better state today 
than he was two years ago, when tested FeLV+ in tree successive exams. 

Excuse me for any misunderstanding, English is not may native language.
Have a Good Luck


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