Hi Lance!
I transported a rescue kitty to her new mommy in Seattle once in the
airplane cabin. Check out the internet for suggestions. I do NOT recommend
tranquilizing her as she might be more confused. I did take a blanket to put
between the kitty and side of the plane to protect her from the cold air (I
suggest a window seat). I padded the carrier with puppy pads so I could just
take out a layer if she urinated (she didn't and it was a long trip with a
layover in Denver). I had a small weighted bowl to offer water. One thing
about airline travel is you might have to vaccinate her for rabies. I had a
collar and ID on kitty and also brought a harness and leash (for our layover
which we spent in the ladies bathroom in the red carpet club so she could
walk about). I had a small Tupperware container with litter that I offered
in the bathroom but she didn't use it. She didn't drink water either. I did
not have to take her out of the carrier in the security area. Not sure if
they require that now...probably. I did take a towel to hold the kitty in
case I DID have to take her out.
Good luck and welcome back to the Midwest!
Laurie (Iowa) 

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Hello List,

It's been a long time since I've posted anything, and I must admit  
that I haven't been keeping up with posts for quite awhile. Some of  
you may remember that I have an FeLV+ named Ember. She's still with  
me, though I have noticed something different lately, and I have  
another question about transporting her.

In the last week or so, I've noted that Ember's pupils are sometimes  
not the same size. I did a search for anisocoria and found nothing in  
the archives. Has anyone seen this occur in their cats? It seems to be  
similar to how headaches are in people... could be just normal stuff  
all the way up to being a really serious issue. The articles seem to  
indicate that this can happen with viral infections like FeLV, but  
other than low wbc, there aren't any symptoms. It doesn't really make  

Ember's last CBC had an especially low white blood cell count... I  
think it was 4.2. She's been on interferon ever since testing positive  
in 2006, and while I'd taken her off DMG, she's going back on it as  
soon as I get my shipment.

Also, it looks like I'm going to be moving back to Madison, Wisconsin.  
I'm trying to figure out the best way to get Ember to our new home.  
I'm willing to pay to fly the both of us up (with her being in the  
cabin with me), but I'm wondering if anyone has any other ideas or  
tips they'd be willing to share. I know that transport is frequently  
done by so many of you, which is why I ask this here.

My best to all of you and your cats,


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