Hello everyone, 

I joined this list some years ago because as a rescuer, I wanted information on 
how best to deal with leukemia colonies we were running into.  My organization 
also does adoptions.  We have a family interested in one of our kittens as a 
companion to a 5 yr old positive cat.  Their cat tested positive for leukemia 
as a kitten and their vet recommended euthanizing - they declined and the cat 
is now a healthy adult, and still testing positive.  

The kitten they are interested in is under 3 mos and was the runt of the 
litter.  One concern I have is the number of vaccines plus neutering a cat that 
age has to go through already in a relatively short period of time - then add 
in the leukemia vaccine on top of that.  And is the vaccine good enough 
protection for a kitten, should a kitten even get that vaccine? 

Any thoughts on this, or if you do adoptions, how would you handle it?  I'm 
hesitating suggesting they look for another positive youngster only because the 
family has young children.  We have plenty of kittens of all ages, and young 
adults - does this matter? 

Thanks for any thoughts - it's a very nice family with a great reference from 
their vet.  

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