Janine, as long as the kitten can get the FeLV vaccine and booster before being 
exposed to their cat they should be fine.  I will tell you my Stormie story.

I had caught 2 kittens from a dumpster colony I was feeding.  Took Rocket and 
Sissy to the vet and they tested FeLV+.  Vet recommended PTS for them and the 
entire colony.  Needless to say I didn't do that.    

There were also 2 gray kittens a couple of weeks older.  I was able to catch 
Stormie.  Took her to the vet and she tested negative.  I had Sissy and Rocket 
in a taming cage in the garage.  Since Stormie was negative, she took up 
residence in the bathroom for 2 weeks.  Started with the usual kitten shot.  
Stormie got her FeLV vaccine when she got the 2nd series of kitten shots.  She 
got a booster 4 weeks later.  After the booster I mixed all the kittens.  That 
was almost 2 yrs ago and all 3 are still doing fine.  All my negative cats get 
the annual FeLV booster.  

It is hard to find good homes for kittens this yr.  As long as you or the 
family can isolate the kitten until she gets the vaccine and booster the kitten 
should be fine.   

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> From: janine paton <patonjan...@sbcglobal.net>
> Subject: [Felvtalk] question on adopting neg kitten to family with positive 
> cat
> To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
> Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 1:05 PM
> Hello everyone, 
> I joined this list some years ago because as a rescuer, I
> wanted information on how best to deal with leukemia
> colonies we were running into.  My organization also
> does adoptions.  We have a family interested in one of
> our kittens as a companion to a 5 yr old positive cat. 
> Their cat tested positive for leukemia as a kitten and their
> vet recommended euthanizing - they declined and the cat is
> now a healthy adult, and still testing positive.  
> The kitten they are interested in is under 3 mos and was
> the runt of the litter.  One concern I have is the
> number of vaccines plus neutering a cat that age has to go
> through already in a relatively short period of time - then
> add in the leukemia vaccine on top of that.  And is the
> vaccine good enough protection for a kitten, should a kitten
> even get that vaccine? 
> Any thoughts on this, or if you do adoptions, how would you
> handle it?  I'm hesitating suggesting they look for
> another positive youngster only because the family has young
> children.  We have plenty of kittens of all ages, and
> young adults - does this matter? 
> Thanks for any thoughts - it's a very nice family with a
> great reference from their vet.  
> Janine
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