I tried the test with a used syringe and Fred's fur wasn't anywhere near that wet yesterday so I think I figured out what happened. When I tented and started giving him the shot, when he felt the epo going in he started to move and I pushed against him harder to keep him from pulling the syringe out so I think at that point the syringe may have gone in farther and out the other side ... but I think it was towards the end of the shot so didn't lose too much. I am going to give him a little extra tomorrow though, his HCT has been slowly dropping over 4 or 5 years, he was at 28% when we first diagnosed him hyper-t & CRF 4 years ago and I know he was CRF a good year before that, someone had been peeing a lot for a while but I couldn't pin point who. over the last year his HCT was between 24% and 20% but since a month ago it went to 16%. My vet checked for bleeding there isn't any so it is because of his CRF. We will check him again in 2 weeks after starting the epo.


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