thanks very much, Gary
I'll call him.

On Oct 24, 2009, at 9:52 PM, gary wrote:

I don't believe I have seen any side effects listed anywhere and the two I have on it have just gotten their 4th shot with no noticeable side effects. One is just about 11 weeks old and pretty small, the other about 5 months
and both seem to be doing fine.

I don't really know if it would help with the stomatitis, but you can call the vet that is the company's technical assistance guy for Acemannan. It is
made by VPL and their tech asst. page is Dr. Greg Biehle is his name and he is very good about talking to people about it. I talked to him and my vet talked to him. My vet said they were very impressed with him. Ask him about the stomatitis. I think he only works in the morning and has some days he is in
surgery, but he will call you back.


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Gary are their side effects to the Acemannan?
I have never heard about it from my vets, although they always seem the
last to know. My cat is Felv but stable now although she has
stomatitis. Do you think it
might help?

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