Gary are their side effects to the Acemannan?
I have never heard about it from my vets, although they always seem the
last to know. My cat is Felv but stable now although she has stomatitis. Do you think it
might help?
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Hi Belinda,

Sorry your little kitty is so sick, an HCT of 16% is serious, but not yet critical. The critical part is how fast it is dropping, 10% and under is critical. I have had a couple that were so fast nothing could be done.

Now the bad news, you missed. There wouldn't be much wetness from . 15 cc and there won't be any if it goes in. The dosage is almost correct (probably close enough) but the actual correct dosage is .16 cc. If it were me, I would do it again, even if some of it got in, he needs the whole dose and a bit over won't hurt him. I have had a couple of misses myself and there is just what seems to be a tiny bit of wetness. If you want to check and see just how little fluid that really is, just use one of the old syringes and
take up .15 of water and squirt it on his fur.

I don't want to discourage you, but sometimes Epogen works and sometimes it doesn't. Also, it takes awhile to get the full benefit of it, sometimes as
long as 2 - 3 weeks.

Presently, I am trying Acemannan Immunostimulant on a couple of FeLV kittens and it seems to be working. The smaller kitten I didn't get a HCT on to start with, he had pale gums and a URI. The other had an HCT of 18%, after 3 shots of Acemannan (one a week) his HCT just before his fourth shot was 32%. Both kittens seem to be doing well now. I wish I had had some of this
when I lost a couple of my adult FeLV cats that got really sick.  I've
spoken to the vet who did the trials and he said it brought some of the test cats back from death's door. Of course, it is not 100% effective, works for some and they lost some. He said about one third of the calls he gets about
it are from vets who want to try it on their own FeLV or FIV cats.

The down side of it is it is a little expensive and only a vet can buy it. My vet charges me $125 for four 10 ml vials and I think that may be his cost or close to it as I was told it was about $175. The protocol is one shot a week for 6 weeks and then one a month. It is dosed at 1 mg per kg. Fred would need 3.2 mg, the stuff is 1 mg per ml, so 10 mg per bottle or about 3
shots for Fred. The other downside is the first 6 shots are given IP
(through the abdominal wall) so I have the vet do these and even he doesn't
like it.  The monthly shots can be given sub-q.

The instructions say once it is mixed you have to use it in 4 hours, but the vet who did the trials said you can keep it in the fridge for a week or in the freezer for a month. The two kittens I have use almost a third of a
bottle (it comes in two bottle pairs, one with the powder and one with
saline) and you mix the saline with the powder. I have them save the saline bottle and after the first sots I have them take half of what is left and put it in the saline bottle and I freeze one and put one in the fridge.


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I got the 1ml 2000 IU and Fred weighs 7lb 2oz. I am using a insulin
syringe that is 1/2 cc and was told to give Fred .15 or on the 15 line
on the syringe.  Does that sound right to you, his HCT was 16% on
Tuesday, he got his first shot today and his fur felt wet after, not
much but a bit, I hope I didn't miss and he didn't really get it. I was afraid to do more but he is so weak if I did miss I am really afraid he
won't make it to Sunday when I give him the next dose.

Any suggestions.

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