I'm forwarding this individually to Mari as I know she has experience with 
this.  She's on the list, but I think on digest and I want to make sure she 
sees this.
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Hello all,
This is off-topic, and for that I apologize, but I figured with all the cat 
care-giving/rescuing experience of the people on this list, perhaps someone 
would have an answer for me.
I took in stray tabby about 3 years ago.  Had him neutered and vetted.  He 
had/has many issues including being prone to kidney crystals and infections 
-which I think we have under control at the moment w/ cranberry powder additive 
to his food.  He used to be very aggressive towards other cats (something for 
which my other cat still hasn't completely forgiven him for) and he truly 
believes himself to be a dog.  He has no fear at ALL of people, cats or 
canines, -fetches toys, heels, comes when called and will go into his crate if 
you just mention it...(something even my DOG REFUSES to do!).  But..there is 
one major obstacle to completely incorporating him into the household: he has 
night terrors.
Because of his past aggression, he's separated in his own room whenever I'm not 
home & at night, but I have been trying to get to the point where he can be 
allowed to sleep with us.  Unfortunately, he has incredible nightmares where he 
BOLTS INTO THE AIR (we're talking sometimes 2-3 feet HIGH) from a dead sleep 
and FLEES until he hits something - usually a wall or piece of furniture- hard 
enough to wake him up.  Then he sits all hunched up and blinking for a few 
minutes.  If I go to him he immediately starts to purr and rolls over for a 
belly rub - only after head-butting me a few dozen times.
I've had him to the vet thinking he was having painful spasms or something.  
All she could find were old injuries that looked like a car accident may have 
hit him in the hip area (all healed - he moves fine) and what appear to be 3 
bebes still lodged in the back of his neck and shoulder area.  She doesn't 
think they would be the cause of pain now...but both injuries tell something of 
the first year or two of his life.
I've tried feline pheromones ...he still has the episodes.  
As much as I hate putting him in a room by himself at night, while the cat and 
dog and I share a bed....when he freaks out at night- it sets off a chain 
reaction of the other cat going all hissy-spazzy and the dog barking and 
chasing one or both around the condo until he fully wakes up and calms down 
(I'm surprised my neighbors haven't complained yet!).  (Not to mention....I've 
gotten kicked in the eye and face time and again as one or more of the animals 
flee from the shock of Mica's night terrors.
Has anyone EVER experienced something like this that's on-going?
Does anyone have ANY suggestions other than time?  (He's been an indoor only 
cat for 3 years now....and while the dreams do seem to be getting less....at 
the current rate- he'll have to live well into his thirties until they are 
gone...-I'm not certain I could survive that! ;-)
Tamara, Tobias (yorkie), Coebeio (calico), Micatullyvhim (grey tabby)

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