"survivor" - yes..."Little" - HA!  if ONLY! ;-)
Unfortunately, no, I can't arrange so he gets quality time at night.  The dog, 
also a rescue, suffers from separation anxiety....if I were to lock him out of 
the room - he'd howl all night and pee on everything! (much as he does ALL DAY 
when I'm at work!) ....plus both Tobias-Rat (the dog) & Coebieo (the other cat) 
have IBD....stressful situations, changes in routine triggers an 
attack.....Micatullyvhim is my "healthy" one!
And lastly...when he bolts....he does so blindly.  I've been scratched in the 
eyeball from one of his back claws as he fled across my face, slammed in the 
head by his head as he bolted from the couch (I was sitting in front of it on 
the floor).  I'd like not to go to bed having to wear a helmet and pads!
The good thing is, I suppose, that he doesn't seem to "NEED" me to get 
comfortable or to sleep or feel safe.  That has come from his independant 
nature to begin with and from the last three years of having his own room at 
night.  It's only been the last year and a half where I've let him into the 
rest of the condo ALL DAY when I'm home.  But his aggression with Coebeio (a 
much older and smaller - only 7-8 pounds compared to his 18lb. frame) is 
improving....although I can't wait for the day when he FINALLY STOPS being a 
pain in the arse with her!  The "tully" part of his name comes from the 
nerdy character played by Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters who used to annoy 
Sigorny Weaver's character...(and just like that character, Mica used to open 
doors constantly, only to lock himself on the wrong side!).  Much of the night 
those first few months was spent "rescuing" him from closets and cabinets that 
he had managed to get into only to have them close back
 on him locking him inside....where of course he'd mew in that tiny cat voice 
of his CONTINUOUSLY like some kind of cat variation of Chinese water 
torture, until I came to free him!  I finally had to put child-proof locks on 
Thanks for the imput tho!

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Wow, what a little survivor Mica is! 
is there a way
that you could sleep with just Mica for a while? Maybe being with you would
calm his terrors a little, and if it's just you and him you won't have that
chain reaction. 
Diane R.

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