Funny I said the same thing when my sweet Albert was dx with severe periodontal 
disease, advanced CRF, went into CHF and was dx with severe HCM all within 30 
days.  Thank goodness it wasn't his sister Pequita.  She'd never tolerate 
getting sub q fluids let alone all the pills.  

Of course we immediately took her in for a senior wellness check and she was dx 
with stage 1 CRF.  She has been getting fluids for 2 yrs now and is a little 
angel.  Pills are another issue.  I have yet to successfully pill her.  She 
either gets liquid meds or I crush them and put them in meat baby food.  They 
do surprise you once in a while.  She just turned 17 and still isn't a lap 
kitty.  Does like to lay on my feet.

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> We are so grateful that our one cat
> who needs meds, Luc, is very
> mild-mannered. We can drop a pill down his throat with no
> trouble. In
> contrast, we are hoping that one of our other cats,
> Tribble, never gets
> sick. He has been a hellion since the day he was born (we
> suspect his brain
> consists of noodles and ninja stars) and will turn a
> cuddling session into
> carnage at a split second's notice. We tell him, "You
> better never need
> life-saving pills, cuz, Dude, if you was nice
> knowing you." (I
> suspect that if he ever does need meds we'll be praying for
> a transdermal
> option.) On the other hand, we've had to assist-feed Luc
> here and there and
> he is not a happy camper and has lots and lots and lots of
> claws. 
> Diane R.
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> Welcome to the world of cats-pilling, putting into a
> carrier for vet trip,
> getting a cat to eat when they're not in the mood-those are
> the times you
> realize that they're a lot smarter & more determined
> then we humans are!
> Pilling a cat is an art that most cats seem to be
> determined for us not to
> learn-LOL.  You can try a compounding pharmacy that
> will mix up the meds
> into what they say is a pleasant tasting treat-never worked
> for me.  Pill
> pockets are great -if your cat likes them.  Sneaking a
> pill in between a
> couple of soft treats works for a while but they catch on
> and then will just
> look at you as you make weird kitty sounds thinking that
> will help.  Soooo,
> do not feel you are alone.  I suspect each of us has
> had at least one cat
> for whom pilling was a nightmare.  


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