Thank-you! I will try this!


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>>Anyone knows a better way to give medications (pills) to a cat?
> The vet can sell you a pill popper - a little device that helps some
> people get those pills
> down them.
> What I would do is to grind up the pills and mix with meat based human
> baby food and a little
> water.  Then use a syringe, without a needle, to squirt this into the
> cat's mouth but not
> down his throat.  If a cat isn't eating, he needs assisted feeding until
> you see if the medicines
> are going to make a difference.  When I am syringe feeding a non-eating
> cat, I give them
> a syringe of food, a syringe of water or pedialyte, a blob of nutrical
> that I try to wipe off my finger
> onto the upper palate of the cat so it is harder to spit out, and cycle
> around that way until the
> cat has no more patience for the proceedure.  For a grown cat of any size,
> I would aim to
> get at the very minimum, one jar of baby food in him per day.  Two jars
> would be much better.
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