>Anyone knows a better way to give medications (pills) to a cat?

The vet can sell you a pill popper - a little device that helps some 
people get those pills
down them.
What I would do is to grind up the pills and mix with meat based human 
baby food and a little
water.  Then use a syringe, without a needle, to squirt this into the 
cat's mouth but not
down his throat.  If a cat isn't eating, he needs assisted feeding until 
you see if the medicines
are going to make a difference.  When I am syringe feeding a non-eating 
cat, I give them 
a syringe of food, a syringe of water or pedialyte, a blob of nutrical 
that I try to wipe off my finger
onto the upper palate of the cat so it is harder to spit out, and cycle 
around that way until the
cat has no more patience for the proceedure.  For a grown cat of any size, 
I would aim to
get at the very minimum, one jar of baby food in him per day.  Two jars 
would be much better.
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