Bugra, did the vet do any other blood work?  If so can you get a copy of the 
est results?  So many things can cause a cat to stop eating.  Licking litter is 
an indication of anemia.

The appetite stimulant is probably Cyproheptadine (aka Periactin) which is an 
antihistamine.  Most vets Rx too high a dose.  It is better to start with 1/8 
to 1/4 tablet once per day.  There are problem with using an appetite stimulant 
if the cat is nauseous.  He will develop a food aversion if given a stimulant.  

There is a Yahoo Assist Feeding group you may want to join.
Their files on assist feeding should be helpful.

You've already received advise to syringe feed him meat baby food (no onions or 
garlic).  Most pills can be crushed and mixed into the baby food for assist 
feeding.  You can find syringes at your vet or in the baby section at your 
local pharmacy.

The Assist Feeding site has info on various types of feeding tubes that can be 
inserted by your vet if syringe feeding isn't possible.

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> What are the pills?
> Gary
> Bugrahan Yalvac wrote:
> > Hi, All,
> >
> > I have a FeLV positive cat who adapted me six months
> ago. A week ago
> > he stopped eating and began to taste his litter. I
> took him to the vet
> > and he was tested FeLV positive. Vet gave me steroids
> and antibiotics
> > and I was mixing the pills with his science diet for
> couple days. He
> > was able to eat small entities of science diet for few
> days. However
> > for the last two days he is not eating anything. I
> tried two times to
> > med him through his mount, it didn't work at all.
> >
> > Anyone knows a better way to give medications (pills)
> to a cat?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Bugra
> >
> >
> >   
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