James, here is the Readers Digest version of my sweet Albert's issues:
1/07 dx severe periodontal disease
2/07 dx advances CRF, anemia
3/07 went into CHF and dx with severe HCM

He was getting daily sub q fluids for his kidneys and daily lasix (same as 
salix) for his heart.  His various vets gave him days to weeks to live.  He 
enjoyed another 1 1/2 yrs until his heart gave out.  

Seeing a cardio vet or internal med vet and having an u/s and EKG would help 
determine the cause of the pleural effusion.  Did your vet test the fluid that 
was drained?  Again that would help determine proper treatment.

There is a yahoo feline heart group with some good files.

Have you read the info on pleural effusion here?
"Pleural effusion is a symptom of many diseases, but is rarely a disease 
itself. Diagnostic tests are needed to determine the underlying cause, and 
subsequent treatment recommendations are based on these findings. The type of 
abnormal fluid accumulated can help determine the underlying cause of the 

For Albert the lasix controlled the fluid build up in his lungs.  I adjusted 
his fluids and lasix daily based on how dehydrated he was and his breathing.  
You'll want to monitor his breaths while sleeping and not dreaming.  

Since Albert had been written off by his vets I threw the kitchen sink at his 
health problems.  He got phosphorus binders and potassium supplement for his 
kidneys; NutriVed, B12 and folic acid for the anemia; and L-carnitine, 
L-arginine, DMG, taurine, and lactoferrin for his heart; Clindamycin one week a 
month for the periodontal disease.  I assist feed him with a syringe every day. 
 His meds were mixed into the food I syringe fed.  

Until two days before he died he still begged to go outside for his daily walk 
and could still jump up on the bed.

You really need a more definitive dx from a vet before you can determine the 
correct treatment plan.  In the end you give the meds needed to manage the root 
problem.  Syringing meds works.  If you can pill LG, you can usually put 
several pills into a gel cap to limit the no. of pills you have to give him.

Good luck

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> He's on Salix- which is the same class of diuretic. Another
> member wrote off list about a combo of stuff that she 
> used to get her young cat well after having the exact 
> same symptoms. 
> She said, "We started him on antibotics (Zenaquin - .25 
> mg.), Interferon ( 1 Ml.) ,DMG ( 1ml), and Lysine (500 
> mg.) and  1/2 pred 2ml.).  Mixed it all up in a
> needle-less 
> syringe and squirited it in his mouth.I gave this to him
> for 
> three weeks and he has never been sick again."
> Has anyone else here had luck with this combo? I hate to 
> give him this much diuretic because it will have adverse 
> effects on his kidneys :(  Thanks again for any and
> all 
> suggestions!
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