I had a conversation with my primary vet this morning about Bernie and his
Uveitis/possible lymphoma.  I'm not sure what to do. I'm frustrated, sad,
angry and I feel like I'm running into walls everywhere.  It seems like
there are never answers for these cats. It could be one thing, but that is a
symptom of something else, we could do this test, but that might not tell us
for sure what is wrong.  I keep going in circles and the bottom line still
is my baby doesn't feel well, and I'm emotionally and financially spent. I
want to do something to help him but I don't know what or what will work.

His activity appears to be declining each day.  Still eating, but this
morning he didn't eat his whole bowl of food.  To find out if it is
lymphoma, we could do a biopsy on the eye, but its risky, and its a hard
area to get a good sample.  We could go to an internist and have a scan done
to see if there are any masses somewhere else in the body.  Even if there
are, we would still have to do a biopsy to find out if it is lymphoma. His
blood work 2 weeks ago was completely normal. I am continuing w/ steroid
drops 3x a day.

Apparently with Uveitis there isn't usually any pain associated with the
eye... so she didn't recommend pain medication at this point.  I don't think
he is in pain (cats can probably cover this up well though.....), he doesn't
wince or anything, but he is just not acting like himself.

I guess we just take it day by day at this point but I feel helpless like
I'm just letting him go.   Sorry for the rant, just needed to type to get my
thoughts out.  Thanks.

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