Amy -

Thanks for the kind words.  I re-read your post about your kitty and and the
gold colored ring around his eye.  When you look at his eye in light, does
it look funny like how animals eyes sometimes show up in pictures taken with
a flash?  That's how we first noticed Bernie's eye issue.  He was looking at
me and one eye was reflecting really funny while the other was not.  He
doesn't have a gold colored ring... but there looks like there is a mass up
in the corner of the eye.  The iris is swollen as well. His eye also had
a cloudy film all over the eye, but the steroid eye drops cleared that up.

We also tested Bernie for toxo.. it came back negative... and we ran a
mycoplasma test as well.. also negative.  Did you get your kitty's toxo test
back yet?  I was almost hoping it was toxo... there is at least an
antibiotic for that.

I learned this morning from the vet that cat's with lymphoma sometimes have
normal blood work.  I never knew that. I assumed that the white blood cells
would go up.  She said depending on the type of lymphoma, the white blood
cells may drop, stay the same, or rise.

Please keep me up to date on your kitty!  I hope he is ok and doing better

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