> Amy, I have not used epogen for a CRF
> or FeLV kitty though I have had both with anemia.  
> There is a Yahoo Anemia group that may be able to answer
> some of your questions about the risks of using epogen or
> Darbepoetin.
> http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Feline_Anemia/

I was part of this group for quite some time but couldn't find anybody using 
Epogen, with success, for a leuk positive kitty.  
> I used vitamins and supplements (B12, Super B Complex and
> Folic Acid) to manage chronic anemia. 

Did you do any tests to see if the cat was low in B12 or did you just use the 
vitamins and supplements?  I have had Wolfie tested and everything is fine but 
my vet wants to check it once more (it's been a few months) at his next routine 
blood draw.  We discussed B12 injections and have discussed 
vitamins/supplements.  We are going to address this again after seeing his 

> I do agree that if the kidneys are producing erythropoietin
> but the bone marrow is not responding then giving epogen
> shots would not be beneficial.  I have not heard it
> called nonregenative anemia when the kidneys are producing
> erythropoietin.  
> Sharyl

My understanding is that erythropoietin is made and released by the kidneys.  
In a cat with damaged kidneys, sufficient erythropoietin can't be produced.  In 
a leuk positive cat with healthy kidneys, erythropoietin is still being 
produced but the bone marrow is unable to respond.  I think it's still 
nonregenerative if new red blood cells aren't being made.  Does anybody know if 
my understanding is correct here?


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