Amy, mine had regular blood work.  I did not do the specific B12 test,  I used 
the vitamins/supplements based on their HCT nos.  A cat needs the B's, folic 
acid and iron to produce new red blood cells.  The B's and folic acid are water 
soluble so overdosing isn't an issue.  Iron should not be supplemented unless 
there is a deficiency.

You could be right.  This is from
"Regenerative anemia is caused by either blood loss or hemolyis (red cell 
destruction). Non-regenerative anemia is seen with either acute (very sudden) 
anemia of any cause, bone marrow disease, iron deficiency, or bone marrow 
suppression secondary to chronic disease or kidney failure. Performing a 
reticulocyte count is therefore very useful in narrowing down the causes of the 

To build on what others have said, I tend to throw the kitchen sink at whatever 
the problem is.  There is no 100% guarantee on anything in life.  If there is a 
chance it could help then I will try it.  My sweet Albert (advanced CRF, 
anemia, CHF, severe HCM, severe periodontal disease) was given days/weeks by 
his various vets.  He enjoyed another 1 1/2 yrs because we didn't believe the 
vets and didn't give up.

You have to make the decision on what is best for your cat.  We are dealing 
with a chronic disease.  There is no cure.  We do the best we can to manage it 
and provide a loving life to our beloved companions.  Untreated anemia can 
eventually kill a cat but many cats respond to a treatment plan.  


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> From: Amy <>
> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Epogen? Interfuron?
> To:
> Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 10:22 PM
> > Amy, I have not used epogen for
> a CRF
> > or FeLV kitty though I have had both with anemia.  
> > 
> > There is a Yahoo Anemia group that may be able to
> answer
> > some of your questions about the risks of using epogen
> or
> > Darbepoetin.
> >
> I was part of this group for quite some time but couldn't
> find anybody using Epogen, with success, for a leuk positive
> kitty.  
> > I used vitamins and supplements (B12, Super B Complex
> and
> > Folic Acid) to manage chronic anemia. 
> Did you do any tests to see if the cat was low in B12 or
> did you just use the vitamins and supplements?  I have
> had Wolfie tested and everything is fine but my vet wants to
> check it once more (it's been a few months) at his next
> routine blood draw.  We discussed B12 injections and
> have discussed vitamins/supplements.  We are going to
> address this again after seeing his bloodwork.  
> > I do agree that if the kidneys are producing
> erythropoietin
> > but the bone marrow is not responding then giving
> epogen
> > shots would not be beneficial.  I have not heard it
> > called nonregenative anemia when the kidneys are
> producing
> > erythropoietin.  
> > Sharyl
> My understanding is that erythropoietin is made and
> released by the kidneys.  In a cat with damaged
> kidneys, sufficient erythropoietin can't be produced. 
> In a leuk positive cat with healthy kidneys, erythropoietin
> is still being produced but the bone marrow is unable to
> respond.  I think it's still nonregenerative if new red
> blood cells aren't being made.  Does anybody know if my
> understanding is correct here?
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