HI Lorrie,

Here is a link to recommendations for core vaccines as well as vaccinations
for cat at risk of exposure to FELV.
http://www.catvets.com/uploads/PDF/FINALVaccineTable12.15.pdf. FeLV is not a
core vaccination but for cats at risk it is Still an annual booster. Due to
the economic situation I have not continued this vaccination. I do not have
any positives and the cats I have were mixed. My is natural immunity in
these cats. These are my opinions.

Now that being said many vets think giving a FELV vaccination to a positive
cat can overload the immune
system and therefore do not recommend this. If I am reading you correctly
the cat is already positive. Hope this helps.

Silver is one of these cats and joined my crew after my initial panic over
the FELV outbreak.He had a canine tooth cut off yesterday because he broke
it and it was sideways in his mouth. Seems he has feline resorptive lesion.
He has always had bad breath. He was abanoned in my neighborhood and
starving when I found him. The vet said he was missing other teeth as well.
He is fat and happy now. For some reason when I lose a cat another one shows
up to take it's place. I had lost two cats to this disease when he found my
porch and was no longer intimidated by Ittle Bitty.


Black(MIA), Lily, Daisy, Pewter, Junior Junior, Hotdog (newest) Silver, and
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