We always give the initial series of FELV vaccinations to all cats we adopt
MC is right, as usual.  My old vet said he had NEVER seen a case of sarcoma
he felt was caused by a vaccine, but he had seen plenty of cats with FELV.

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 5:23 AM, MaryChristine <twelvehousec...@gmail.com>wrote:

> the injection-site sarcoma issue has largely been eliminated by the removal
> of the adjuvent, the change in placement of the vaccine, and the advent of
> safer inoculations, and non-injecting manners of delivery.
> if you're NEVER going to bring another cat into your house, EVER, then i'd
> say, don't vaccinate. but if you are, i'd do the full initial
> series--which,
> personally, i think is effective for life, too, tho research hasn't been
> done to confim this. even with that research, that's how vaccines SHOULD
> work in all species, plus there's lots of anecdotal evidence of negatives
> living with positives for years without getting regular vaccinations never
> getting sick.
> remember, again, that cats who test negative CAN, indeed, retest positive
> later on--doesn't mean they were negative at all, just that they were
> tested
> before the viral exposure was registering on the test. there are no cases
> of
> TRULY positive cats (tested twice, with the second test long enough after
> the first to remove the possibility of a reaction to exposure.) it's
> horrible when it happens, but it happens very infrequently.
> there is absolutely no research that i've seen that says that vaccinating a
> positive stresses its immune system out, because until the virus is
> activated, FeLVs are not frail, compromised creatures walking around with
> smelling salts and hankies. in fact, there is anecdotal evidence from
> members of this list that vaccinating positives STRENGTHENS their immune
> response, as evidenced by their seeming to have much longer life spans than
> positives who are not vaccinated....
> we just have to convince some researchers to follow up on that, and good
> luck with that.
> MC
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