Sharyl - I lost Speckles to dry FIP today. She'd been losing weight 
gradually and suddenly had wobbly rear legs. Last night she had two seizures 
and at the vet's today the decision was made to euthanize. She was eating and 
drinking today and even purring at the vet. Now I know she has a buddy to play 
with on the other side. 
I feel like I'm just being pummeled over and over. 4 cats gone in slightly over 
a month. I am starting to have nightmares.

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I just mentioned my dear sweet Maxwell in a post.  I had adopted him and his 
sister last yr from a rescue as FeLV+ kittens.  I lost Molly Brown to wet FIP 
earlier this yr.  Today I lost Max to wet FIP.  I'm guessing their little 
immune suppressed bodies were more susceptible.  

It was raining as I drove Max to the vet this morning to have him PTS.  He 
passed on the way.  He is now at the crematory and his ashes will join Molly's 
and all my Angels.  

He was a real lover.  Was happiest cuddled on my shoulder.  He'd follow me 
around the house and always beat me to the kitchen where he begged for his 
favorite Temptation treats.  

Please add Max to the CLS.  


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