Last night I had the most horrible dream - I suppose because I knew what would 
happen today. In my dream I reached out to touch a big purple glass ball - then 
it turned around and it was a grinning human skull on a dog's body. I just knew 
it was there to take all my cats so I threw a big candle at it. It said in a 
mocking voice, "You wouldn't hurt a dog, would you? Not a dog." Then I picked 
up a big stick and tried to hit it. It killed all my cats with the exception of 
a black and white one & I was very relieved that I'd managed to save one. Now 
that's what I call a stress dream.
I don't even know if I'm going to go to work tomorrow. I just want to stay home 
and be quiet. Today it was Speckles. Not even 2 weeks ago it was Bridget, and 5 
days before Bridget it was Baby Girl. A few weeks before that it was Frosty 
Paws. I'm just waiting for the next bit of bad news.

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