I am so sorry, Thanks for giving then love and care. They are playing
togther at the Rainbows Bridge.



On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 4:50 PM, Sharyl <> wrote:

> I just mentioned my dear sweet Maxwell in a post.  I had adopted him and
> his sister last yr from a rescue as FeLV+ kittens.  I lost Molly Brown to
> wet FIP earlier this yr.  Today I lost Max to wet FIP.  I'm guessing their
> little immune suppressed bodies were more susceptible.
> It was raining as I drove Max to the vet this morning to have him PTS.  He
> passed on the way.  He is now at the crematory and his ashes will join
> Molly's and all my Angels.
> He was a real lover.  Was happiest cuddled on my shoulder.  He'd follow me
> around the house and always beat me to the kitchen where he begged for his
> favorite Temptation treats.
> Please add Max to the CLS.
> Sadly
> Sharyl
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