I think people should be aware of where their money goes when they
donate to national charities....  Little of it goes to help animals
and most of it goes to the administrators, who get fat salaries and
never have to see what we rescue people deal with day after day.

The only organizations I give to now are Alley Cat Allies and Alley
Cat Rescue.  I gave to PETA for years, but we all know about them
now, and they don't get a cent from me or most of us who are aware
of what they do to cats!

On 04-10, MaryChristine wrote:
> (every time you click on the animal-rescue site's feed-an-animal
> app, you're supporting one of the places that takes adoptables from
> the southern states. and every time you send money to the national
> SPCA or HSUS, you are NOT helping animals, merely helping the
> administrators of these groups that do NOT do direct care, justify
> their salaries and advertising budgets. find a good local rescue or
> shelter -- and remember that there is NO national oversight agency
> for humane societies or spcas, ANYONE can call themselves by either
> name -- and help out there. time with the critters, money, running
> errands--there is SO much that needs doing, and a place for
> everyone. just pick the correct place to put your energy....)
> sorry.

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