I have to be honest, I am skeptical myself.  In general, it is a group of
individuals looking to find a treatment for AIDS/HIV in people and the cats
were a model for disease (I hate that they do this, but if they do I will
learn everything I possibly can from it).  It is somewhat old so I do not
know what, if anything has come of it, but the results are interesting none
the less.

Here is the website I got this information from, it goes into more detail.
I will email this man Van Dyke and if he responds will keep you updated.


On 4/16/10, MaryChristine <twelvehousec...@gmail.com> wrote:
> first question has to be whether the cats were truly positive to start
> with:
> an ifa done 120 days after last possible date of exposure. otherwise,
> there's no way of knowing that the cats wouldn't throw off the virus
> themselves. three to six weeks after treatment, which may or may not have
> been started immediately after first test, would well be enough time for
> that to happen spontaneously.
> now is this supposedly for FeLV, or FIV? at the end, it states that, "These
> cat experiments are the first to demonstrate that AIDS can be cured in an
> in
> vivo model." AIDS is a human disease, it is not a feline one. no veterinary
> professional refers to FIV as AIDS--so immediately i'm suspicious, and
> again, confused, as it starts out talking about curing FeLV.
> how many times were the cats administered this treatment? if more than
> once,
> at what interval?
> i think that depo is a wonder drug in many cases, and have used it
> successfully for stomatitis for a number of years. so i'm not against the
> possibility, just would like more info. i have no idea what NAC is, would
> like more info.
> actually, i'd like more info in general. are there clinical trials going
> on?
> has the guy contacted the main FeLV/FIV researchers to help with that?
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