i realize that there are a group of folks who insist that FIV and AIDS are
totally analogous; what i've found out is that the major researchers
continuing in this line are followers of the folks who first identified the
virus as an individual entity in either 86 or 87, during the panic
surrounding HIV/AIDS. there was nothing wrong with their thinking (hoping)
they'd found an animal model that could help with the human condition, but
after awhile, most researchers (and research) showed that FeLV more closely
resembles HIV/AIDS than FIV does. however, the name has never been changed,
and that in itself continues to kill cats everywhere.

i know that they put cats on the HIV/AIDS cocktails of AZT and other drugs
they use in humans; and continue to insist that the research that most
researchers have come to accept is wrong.

the analogy of FIV=HIV/AIDS was a great HYPOTHESIS, but that's how knowledge
grows--we hypothesize something, we test it, and if the research doesn't
bear it out, we update. it seems that this one group of folks who did
identify FIV originally are just too invested in their original

thanks for the link, and please do let us know what you find out.

i really do want there to be a treatment or cure found, but i want it to be
real, and reproducible, and verifiable!

i'll feed them dandelions with cheese and jalapeno sauce if it'll work!


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