Interesting. I'm always a believer in Gentian Violet for ringworm and skin problems as well as Golden Seal. I first learned about Gentian Violet because when my dad was burned in the mid 1940's they used on some of his skin problems. Then in the 1950's my grandmother said to use it on ringworm. Guess my point is it's an old remedy lol.

Anyhow, I have a siamese mix kitty, Dusty Blue, who's developed these weird skin problems that developed over the winter and into spring. Too much for Gentian Violet, which rubs purple on it's surroundings; and Golden Seal didn't work. One of our vets said "here try this". And it was miconazole. So whenever I see a spot developing on Dusty's back or belly, I head for the Myconazol. I don't bathe him in it, just get a wet cloth and put some on it and then on Dusty. Works great. And none of the other cats have gotten "it", whatever "it" is. Think it's almost gone.


On Apr 16, 2010, at 6:08 PM, Emeraldkittee wrote:

thanks, Heather, yes I think it's looking like seasonal allergies since it was triggered when we had our first snow melt. I didn't know him last Spring so I cannot tell what he went thru then. good reasons to bring him in:)

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This sounds similar to a lot of allergy, or flea allergy, hair loss we've seen in outdoor cats here. Even if there aren't apparent fleas, allergic reactions can be triggered by just one....and of course, it could also be
"seasonal" type allergies.

Glad he is doing well!

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 9:24 PM, Emeraldkittee < >wrote:

yes, and I brought up demodex too, but they said it wasn't that.

I brought my gentian violet to show the vet and she said 'why not' - she's
a great dr, because she is open to new ideas.

he is a survivior :)  and it's an honor to care for him:)

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Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 6:50 PM

This sounds very good. Did the vet ever suggest demodex mite as the cause
the itching and fur loss?
My vet says it's almost impossible to test for ringworm. He doesn't even test anymore. He tends to treat small patches with human fungal cream and
larger patches with an oral medication.
Whimsy sounds like a survivor!
Thanks for taking care of him!

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Whimsy - (the outdoor, "used to be feral" FeLV little boy who had a scary jerking/twitching episode a few weeks back you might recall) - had his
up and everything was normal. His bloodwork and stool came back normal too. His skin has been his only issue - he was bald on the left side, then the right, now it's down to his tail. This is the 8th week of this, and I had figured it was ringworm. He has no fleas nor mites, and the clinic didn't think it was ringworm, but of course tested him (it's ongoing, for those who aren't familiar - they put it in a jar, and see if it grows) It may have been self limiting and somehow he cleared it. Or, it could be severe allergies. He is a long hair (so hard to be an outside baby with
fur!) and matted so severely in the winter (before I could touch him) that it's also possible this is why there was hair loss. His itching is severe but the skin now is normal (used to have lesions) He hates fish oil, I
was hoping he would take it to soothe the inflamation.

My vet was surprised that everything was normal, since his IFA was
too. Or, can it be that if the immune system is just so out of whack it can't even register in the bloodwork? His heart/lungs/lymph nodes, etc are all normal too. We think he is just under 2 years old. He lost 7 ounces,
but that was since the neutering in Jan, and could be normal.

He's got a set up in the shed, but likes to sleep right on the patio and
back door stoop; I am also showing him the sunroom, and he's slowly
it out, so I hope he can stay in there. He's no longer terrified of
ceilings, but only cautious, and is understanding that 'inside is good'. Every time I take him to the vet, he gets more loving, like he knows we are trying to help him. I guess I will take his results as good news for now,
and try to be as preventative as we can.

thanks for everyone's help. He's such an adorable character, with a high pitched meeew and jade green eyes. And he knows his daddy now too, and made sure he fell in love with him too (he seemed to know that was the ticket to
getting 'in')


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