Welcome...there are some very well informed people on this board who will give 
you a lot of info.  Being diagnosed at 16 is a bit unusual--was there a 
particular reason why the vet checked her?  Has she been ill?  My own Tucson, 
was diagnosed at age 4-5 after a few days of not eating like she usually does & 
looking real "pale".  

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> Hello all.
>I just joined your group because I found out yesterday that my beloved cat Kia 
>has leukemia. Kia is my oldest cat, she will be 16 in August, and she is my 
>favorite one. I know we shouldn't have favorites but Kia is the first cat my 
>husband and I adopted after we got married. She is a calico who loves to talk. 
>I am devastated by this news I got from the vet yesterday and I am hoping you 
>all can help me understand leukemia better and what signs I need to look for 
>that Kia is getting sicker. 
>By the way, my name is Janet and I'm a life long animal lover. We have 4 cats 
>and a retired racing greyhound that we call our kids. We just lost a cat back 
>in November, my oldest male cat who was 14. Now I am wondering if he had 
>leukemia too. 
>Thanks in advance for your advice. I hope to learn a lot here.
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