Probably the best approach to the vitamins is to do cod liver oil - nordic
natural pet cod liver oil.  It contains the fish oil, vitamin A and Vitamin
D.  You can order this online or get it from pretty much any holistic vet.
I believe the dosage is one quarter teaspoon daily, but check the label to
be sure.  You can add Vitamin E - 50 - 75 IU daily.  I would be somewhat
cautious with the vitamin E as it can cause blood thinning and hemorrhage at
too high a dose.  75 should be fine, but I may only do this every other day
for a period of two to three weeks.  Vitamin C, IV  dosage is really the
only dosage seen to treat lymphomas but if that is not an option the oral
route can't hurt.  It has not, however, shown the same results as IV
dosage.  You can get Mega C - this formula also contains vitamin A, D and
E.  For that reason, I would probably only give 20 IU or Vitamin E
additionally.  So overall, this is what I'd do

Cod Liver Oil - 1/4 teaspoon daily (check label to be certain)
Mega C - 1/4 teaspoon daily
Vitamin E - 20 IU every other day for two to three weeks.

I would just order the nordic natural pet cod liver oil and mega C over the
internet and get the vitamin E from a health store.  All told, this
shouldn't cost more than 50-60 dollars and you should have enough for quite

The only concern I would have is that the Vitamin A dosage will be quite
high with this combination, but studies have shown cats to very tolerable of
vitamin A.  I would only recommend watching for any signs of toxicity
including lethary, anorexia, stumbling or limping.  If you see any of this,
stop treatment immediately.  I do not see it being a problem but be
watchful, all treatments carry some risk.  I would still treat the ear
infection with otomax or some other topical treatment that vet should have
prescribed.  The oral infection may improve with this orthomolecular

Hope that helps and good luck.


On Sun, May 2, 2010 at 5:17 PM, kia <kia...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> >Jenny,
> >Thanks for the info on the vitamins. Can I get the vitamin C and add it to
> her food as well? This vet only offered me two suggestions. The meds I
> mentioned and chemo. No way could I afford chemo treatments unfortunately.
> If I could give Kia something natural while not being expensive I would
> definitely try. I don't know if the vet would be open to IV vitamin C or
> not. Would have to ask. Please let me know about dosages for those vitamins.
> Kia is  only about 6.7 lbs now.
> >I agree that most researchers aren't interested in curing animals of their
> diseases. Guess there isn't enough money in it for them.
> >Thanks again for the help.
> >janet
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> >
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