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Okay, I am always questioning people that claim a cure, but here is a small study done that caused a man to patent the treatment concerning felv. This a group dedicated to looking into any avenue that may help our little ones,
so I'm putting this out there.

I copied and pasted this from the patent:


1) One cat with FELV(+)/FIV(+) died without the treatment as a control.

2) Treatments: Cats were injected intramuscularly with 20 mg DEPOMEDROL (antiinflammatory steroid) and dispensed with 1,200 mg powdered Nacetyl cysteine(NAC), 200 IU of Vitamin E, 500 mg of Vitamin C and one PET TAB/day.

3) It takes from 3 weeks to 6 weeks for the cats to turn retrovirus positive
reaction to negative after the treatment.

4) The symptoms of Champage, Precious, and Missy such as dental problems
bloody diarrhea, and loss of appetite completely subsided after the
treatment with steroids/antioxidants. The symptoms of Sampson such as
vomiting, gum disease, and loss of appetite completely reversed after the
treatment. Josey's symptoms of lung problem, loss of appetite, and gum
infection cleared up following the treatment. The cats were maintained on
PET TABS following the treatment with steroid/antioxidants.

5) At the conclusion of the test all cats remained FIV or leukemia virus

6) Blood was drawn for analysis from four of the cats treated (Sampson,
Josey, Patch, and Bud). The analysis included cell cultures, mitogen
stimulation, and polymerase chain reaction assay for the retovirus. All tests indicated the cats were fully cured as none indicated any sign of the

These cat experiments are the first to demonstrate that AIDS can be cured in
an in vivo model.

That's it. If anyone's got any ideas about it or history with it, I'd love
to hear it.

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