I'm so sorry you lost Daisy. I've had several FelV cats who lost
the use of their back legs, and this seems to be a very common
thing.  I don't know exactly what causes their legs to stop
working, but it happens.  If anyone in the group knows the actual 
cause I'd like to know.

Losing a cat, feral or pet is always terribly sad.  I'm also very
sad today as my 17 year old CRF cat is dying.  I've had him since
1993 and I almost lost him in the spring of 2009, so he has lived
longer than expected, but it is still terrible to see them go. He
was totally feral when I found him, and it took me almost two years
to gain his trust, but when I finally did, he turned into a big
mush.  He loved to be on my lap being petted and brushed, and I'll
miss him terribly, but I believe they will all be waiting for us at
the rainbow bridge.


On 06-11, Sharyl wrote:

> I had to have Daisy, one of my yard ferals, PTS today. She had lost
> the use of her back legs. I've had her in a cage for several days
> trying to see if she would recover. The vet and I are guessing
> complications from FeLV. I never had her tested but she was the
> momma to Bright Eyes, Houdini, CJ and Mattie all of whom were
> positive. Also from the same litter as Sissy and Rocket who did
> test positive.
> Even though Daisy was a true feral - hissing at me till the end -
> it still hurts to much when I lose them.  Daisy has joined Mae,
> Sissy, Bright Eyes, Houdini, CJ and Mattie my other positives at
> the Rainbow Bridge.
> Sad night at the cottage
> Sharyl

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