Bless your heart Sharyl.  So sorry. I'm going to have to get more candles for 
all the little precious friends we have been losing lately on the list.  So 
sad.  Sara

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I had to have Daisy, one of my yard ferals, PTS today. She had lost the use of 
her back legs. I've had her in a cage for several days trying to see if she 
would recover. The vet and I are guessing complications from FeLV. I never had 
her tested but she was the momma to Bright Eyes, Houdini, CJ and Mattie all of 
whom were positive. Also from the same litter as Sissy and Rocket who did test 

Even though Daisy was a true feral - hissing at me till the end - it
still hurts to much when I lose them. Daisy has joined Mae, Sissy, Bright Eyes, 
Houdini, CJ and Mattie my other positives at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sad night at the cottage

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