Thank you Sharyl. This morning I had to take my old sweetie to 
the vet to be put to sleep.  He was 17 years old and had been 
dealing with kidney failure for over a year. As all of us know,
making the decision to put a pet to sleep is one of the most
difficult decisions we ever have to make, but my wonderful vet
helped me decide when he said keeping an old terminally ill cat
alive is more for the owner than for the cat, who has no quality
of life left.

Beezer was a stray when I rescued him in 1993 and he had a long
happy life, as an indoor/outdoor cat who had the best of both worlds.
Losing a special pet is always terribly hard, but I sincerely believe 
we will meet again at the rainbow bridge.


On 06-12, Sharyl wrote:

> Lorrie, I understand what you are going through with your CRF
> kitty.  It seems if a kitty lives long enough he develops CRF. 
> That is a tough chronic disease to manage.  I found lots of info
> and help at   Hugs to your sweetie. Sharyl

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