I hope you will consider keeping him as he will do much better in a private
home than a sanctuary.
I have a blind cat and am going to take in a deaf cat so have been doing
lots of research.
He would be fine in one room of your house. He will learn his way around
that room and feel safe.

At first Frankie (who lost his vision at age 9) got upset when he would run
into the other cats unexpectedly. He is much better about it now (3 1/2
years later and he is doing great). Once the other cats know a cat is
disabled they may pick on him and attack him. I don't think a group of cats
is the right thing for this boy. The vet told me Frankie would be at the
bottom of the totem pole once the other cats knew he was blind. He isn't but
he does stay to himself more than he used to. He does have run of the house
- he did before he lost his vision.

Frankie was a feral 5 month old kitten when I took him in. I could not hold
or touch him. With work I was able to touch him but not hold him or pick him
up. Then I had to start treating him for asthma and we both learned a lot
about going slow and trust. After he lost he sight he LOVES touch. I suspect
this kitty will love touch once he is familiar with his surroundings. Smell
is important and probably heightened. He may smell the other cats and be
overwhelmed and afraid right now. All he has is smell and touch. Wonderful
food will be a pleasure. Also you might rub your own scent on a towel and
give it to him to comfort him. Even better if you could get something from
his previous owner to give him.

Info I found on deaf cats:

If you are willing and able to keep this boy, you have a wonderful
opportunity to learn so much and to help others in the future. Not to
mention, enhance his life and let him live with grace and peace.

Thanks for helping him!

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I just took in a blind-deaf cat, was one of 25 or so in a lady's  
house.  The lady became disabled, developed dementia, and our rescue  
took some of her cats.  This one first was taken to the city animal  
services, developed a URI, got about over it, was altered, tested and  
shots, and we pulled him.

He (?) was transferred to a different cage, then to my carrier, then  
to my home and a large cage.   He's not too friendly, although I can  
at times pet him on the head and scratch his ears.  We think it's just  
because of the changes in his life, that he just doesn't know what's  
going on and if he needs to defend himself.  I haven't had a blind or  
deaf cat before.

Does anyone know of a rescue that will take a blind-deaf cat?  I found  
one in North Carolina, but I'm in Arkansas.

Thanks very much,


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