you sound like me.  think maybe the word "sucker" is tatooed on your head.  had 
to tell my vet to keep an eye on me as i feel that 8 is enough and i don't want 
to become a hoarder.  but, i love each and every one of them and would rather 
eat less myself than give thm up.
---- "POTT wrote: 
> Gloria, I took in a blind and deaf cat a couple of years ago (I think she 
> could see shadows, maybe)- she was 18, and her "owner" was moving to Chicago 
> and didn't want to be bothered with her- she was going to be put to sleep if 
> no one took her, so of course Crazy Cat Lady here came to the rescue. I kept 
> Smudge in her own room for a couple of months, and then let her out in the 
> rest of the house. She got around fine and none of my other cats bothered her 
> (well, my 16 year old cat Pokey would hiss at her. Of course, Smudge couldn't 
> hear her hissing, haha). They usually moved out of the way when they saw her 
> coming. She learned where the beds were and made herself right at home. 
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> From: Gloria B. Lane []
> Sent: Sun 6/13/2010 9:11 AM
> To: Feline Leukemia
> Subject: [Felvtalk] OT: blind deaf cat
> I just took in a blind-deaf cat, was one of 25 or so in a lady's 
> house.  The lady became disabled, developed dementia, and our rescue 
> took some of her cats.  This one first was taken to the city animal 
> services, developed a URI, got about over it, was altered, tested and 
> shots, and we pulled him.
> He (?) was transferred to a different cage, then to my carrier, then 
> to my home and a large cage.   He's not too friendly, although I can 
> at times pet him on the head and scratch his ears.  We think it's just 
> because of the changes in his life, that he just doesn't know what's 
> going on and if he needs to defend himself.  I haven't had a blind or 
> deaf cat before.
> Does anyone know of a rescue that will take a blind-deaf cat?  I found 
> one in North Carolina, but I'm in Arkansas.
> Thanks very much,
> Gloria

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