Gloria, I took in a blind and deaf cat a couple of years ago (I think she could 
see shadows, maybe)- she was 18, and her "owner" was moving to Chicago and 
didn't want to be bothered with her- she was going to be put to sleep if no one 
took her, so of course Crazy Cat Lady here came to the rescue. I kept Smudge in 
her own room for a couple of months, and then let her out in the rest of the 
house. She got around fine and none of my other cats bothered her (well, my 16 
year old cat Pokey would hiss at her. Of course, Smudge couldn't hear her 
hissing, haha). They usually moved out of the way when they saw her coming. She 
learned where the beds were and made herself right at home. 


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I just took in a blind-deaf cat, was one of 25 or so in a lady's 
house.  The lady became disabled, developed dementia, and our rescue 
took some of her cats.  This one first was taken to the city animal 
services, developed a URI, got about over it, was altered, tested and 
shots, and we pulled him.

He (?) was transferred to a different cage, then to my carrier, then 
to my home and a large cage.   He's not too friendly, although I can 
at times pet him on the head and scratch his ears.  We think it's just 
because of the changes in his life, that he just doesn't know what's 
going on and if he needs to defend himself.  I haven't had a blind or 
deaf cat before.

Does anyone know of a rescue that will take a blind-deaf cat?  I found 
one in North Carolina, but I'm in Arkansas.

Thanks very much,


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